What is 28in28

The only weight loss program that combines a balanced diet, exercise and supplementation proven effective in 98.5% of all of our clients

So you've been wanting to slim down. Has it come to the point where you're saying, "It's no longer an option. This weight has to go"? If so, you're on the right track; making the commitment is the first step.

28in28 is the most comprehensive, effective, efficient, and affordable weight loss program that will change the way America loses weight. You can lose up to 28 pounds in 28 days on the 28in28 program! The protocols in the 28in28 program are tested by science, backed by the latest research, and proven successful with real people living in the real world.

How is 28in28 different from other programs?

Gone are the days when you have to figure what is the best way to lose weight because 28in28 eliminates the guesswork for you! 28in28 is a complete program that synergistically combines an easy to follow diet, a metabolism-boosting exercise plan, fat burning and appetite suppressing supplements, and an overall accountability protocol to produce extremely rapid weight loss. If you follow the program, you will absolutely get the results you're looking for. Guaranteed!