Why 28in28 Works

It is the first complete program that addresses all 4 critical components of successful weight loss: diet, exercise, supplementation, and accountability.

28in28 combines the latest scientific research with real world results. 28in28 will strip off even the most stubborn pounds permanently.

This program has worked for countless others and will work for you too. It's finally time to say goodbye to those unwanted pounds!
I personally guarantee it.

The Science

28in28 is not a fad that will waste your time and money. This is proven to work not only in the scientific research, but also more importantly, in the real world, with real people!

“I wanted to thank Matt O’Brien and the 28in28 crew, this program was easy to follow and I’m extremely pleased with the results”

- Trudy D More success stories...

When you follow the 28in28 program, you maximize fat loss by:

  • Eating the right low-glycemic, everyday foods that blunt/minimize the insulinogenic response to help turn off fat storage immediately!
  • Choosing the foods with the highest thermic effect (TEF) so you can eat more food, still lose weight rapidly, and not be hungry.
  • Learning time-efficient strength training exercise protocols that will dramatically rev up your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day and even while you sleep.
  • Igniting the body's fat burning furnace by activating all the lipid oxidation pathways.
  • Using high intensity interval training (HIIT) to maximize exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) with the minimum amount of time spent exercising.
  • Combining supplements that are scientifically proven to raise metabolism (thermogenics) and detoxify the body (antioxidants) to synergistically enhance the rate of fat loss and speed recovery from exercise.
  • Using accountability tools that will maximize your success.